i'm an awkward, antisocial teenage girl. my name's Jane. i have social anxiety and i self harm, so i understand how you feel. if you ever need to talk, i'm always here. i'll help in any way that i can through my ask box and kik at never_regret_ i write depressing poems about love and heartbreak. almost all are about my life. i often fangirl about Taylor Swift, Hunter Hayes, Sherlock, and Sweeran. *DISCLAIMER*i do not encourage or promote eating disorders, self harm, and/or suicide. This blog is just a way to get my thoughts out so that i don't explode.



Friendly reminder that 1989 (Deluxe) is the number 1 album on UK iTunes and it isn’t even out yet.

I still check on you.

No matter what happened between us, or how long its been since we last talked, I still care, I wanna know you’re doing and feeling. I don’t stalk you but just enough to know you’re okay because you’re still that person I miss and the person who will always be in my heart.

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Perks of Dating Me:

  • I don’t go anywhere, so we can always hangout
  • I’m too ugly to cheat on you
  • Sometimes i’m funny
  • I live near a pizza restaurant

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